RBdigital audiobooks

Our library is now offering RBdigital audiobooks – the e-audiobook download service from Wavesound Pty Ltd. Our eAudiobook collection is part of the Northern Tablelands Digital Library.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,  you can download bestsellers and classics to play on your MP3 Player, iPad, iPod or computer from home or anywhere in the world.

Each title has unlimited availability. There is no limit to the number of borrowers who download the latest bestsellers at the same time; meaning waiting lists are a thing of the past. This is also excellent news for reading groups or even whole communities, who will all be able to listen to the same book at the same time.

There are many titles in the RBdigital audiobook collection with something for all tastes and ages, plus new titles will be added each month.

To start using the RBdigital audiobook Collection:

  • Have your library card barcode number ready.
  • Go to RBdigital audiobook (We recommend you bookmark this site so you can find it easily from your home computer.)
  • Go to Create New Account
  • Once you have created your account you can access the entire collection of e-Audiobooks from RBdigital.
  • When using the Media Manager or RBdigital App choose ‘Northern Tablelands Digital Library’ in the selection menu.
  • Patrons who already have both a RBdigital Magazines (formerly Zinio for Libraries)  account and an RBdigital Audiobooks/eBook (formerly OneClickDigital) account must make sure that both accounts have the same username/email/password as each other in order to successfully access both via the RBdigital app. The email address can be the user name as well.
  • Patrons who need to change credentials for either or both of these accounts can do so by calling Wavesound support on toll free number: 1800 571 819 AEST 9am-5pm.
  • Patrons cannot set up another account at the RBdigital Magazines (formerly Zinio for Libraries)  or RBdigital Audiobooks/eBook (formerly OneClickDigital) websites if they already have one, as the system recognises that the library membership card has already been used once to create an account. If Patrons have problems with their credentials they can call support on the toll-free number.
  • If patrons have either a RBdigital Magazines (formerly Zinio for Libraries) or RBdigital Audiobooks/eBook (formerly OneClickDigital) account already, then they just use those existing credentials to login to the app.

Using the app

If you access the RBdigital audiobook Collection using the RBdigital app, available from the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore, you will need to first create your account on the RBdigital audiobook website, then log into the app.


For help with using RBdigital audiobooks we recommend you try the online video tutorials.

Borrowing Period: 21days
Maximum number of titles on loan: 10
Maximum number of renewals: 3

Enjoy listening.