Library Christmas closure – 25th December to 5 January

At Christmas this year, the Library will shut at 6pm on Wednesday 24 December, and re-open at 10am on Monday 5 January 2015.

The Library book chute will not be available for return of borrowed items during these closed days.

Because we realise that many residents go on longer holidays around this time of year, and may depend on being able to use the returns chute before they leave, we have decided to offer extended loans for the whole of that period. So, any items borrowed between Thursday 4 December 2014 and Wednesday 7 January 2015, will have a return date of 28 January 2015 or later.

On behalf of the staff of the library we wish you all a safe holiday.

See you in 2015


Santa Claus, Grace Bros, Broadway, Sydney, 27 November 1946 / by Sam Hood

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