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The Chessmen by Peter May, narrated by Peter Forbes

A new start has brought new optimism for Fin Macleod. Now re-settled on his Hebridean childhood home of the Isle of Lewis, the ex-Detective Inspector has been employed by a local landowner to oversee security on his estate: ostensibly a simple task for a man of Fin’s experience. When an investigation into illegal activity on the land brings Fin into contact with elusive local poacher and former school friend Whistler Macaskill, Fin is afforded an opportunity to connect with the happier days of his teenage years.

But as Fin catches up with Whistler, the two witness a freak natural phenomenon – a ‘Bog Burst’ – which spontaneously drains a Lewis loch of its water, revealing a mud-encased light aircraft with a sickeningly familiar moniker on its side. Both men know what they will find inside – the body of friend and musician Roddy Mackenzie, whose flight disappeared more than seventeen years before. But when Whistler’s face appears to register something other than shock at the sight of Roddy’s remains, Fin feels an icy chill of apprehension. As he closes in on Whistler’s secret, Fin is unprepared for how the truth about the past will alter the course of the future.

‘Peter May is a writer I’d follow to the ends of the earth’ NEW YORK TIMES

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