Tina Matthews – Writer and Illustrator in residence UNE

When: Thursday 29 May 4.10pm

Where: Arts Lecture Theatre 3, Arts Building E11

From Puppets to Picture Books: A Conversation with Tina Matthews

Tina MatthewsTina Matthews is an illustrator, puppeteer, and designer, who has worked with Jim Henson and Brian Froud on the Labyrinth movie.  She has designed iconic puppets for programs on Australian TV such as Bananas in Pajamas, Johnson and Friends, and the Umbilical Brothers’ Upside Down Show.  She has taught at NIDA, and worked for the Bell Shakespeare Company.  As well as all this, Tina writes and illustrates beautiful picture books: the wood-cut inspired updating of the Little Red Hen story, Out of the Egg, A Great Cake, which celebrates the art of baking, and Waiting for Later, which explores the delights of delay.  Her most recent book, Wonderful Town, celebrates the life of small towns everywhere.

The School of Arts is proud to present Tina Matthews—author, illustrator, puppeteer—as the first Resident for 2014. She will be here from 24 May to
9 June.  While she is here she will be working on a retelling of the folk tale, The Three Sillies.

Join Dr Elizabeth Hale, of the School of Arts, for a conversation with Tina Matthews, in which they discuss the process of design for television, book, and theatre formats, and insights into making one’s way in a creative career.

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