Meet the Author – Laura Daniel Saturday 24th May 11am


Armidale Duamresq Council War Memorial Library
122 Faulkner Street
Armidale NSW 2350

Saturday 24th May


Meet the author of the novel The Garden Gate

lauraLaura Daniel is an integral cultural creative currently based in Sydney. Her philosophy and values are drawn from many traditions and sources and have been filtered and honed through much exploration, experience and deep thought over many decades. Some fundamentals are imparted to one of the characters in her novel The Garden Gate: An Inner Journey. In addition to writing, Laura also expresses her sense and love of beauty through visual arts such as drawing, painting and sculpture. She has also done graphic design for both books and magazines and some of her photography has been published. Twice (and only twice) she has composed both the music and the lyrics for positive, uplifting songs, and once published a volume of poetry.


The Garden Gate: An inner journey

gardenAn unlikely seeker’s encounter with a spiritual mentor who guides him through life-changing openings of awareness.

Reynaldo Morales, a seemingly unlikely prospect for an inner journey, is thrust into one, to his great surprise. He finds himself in a dream world—or is it?—where he meets a mentor who leads him on an inner journey that changes his worldview, and his life, in ways he could not have imagined—or did he? He encounters a wise woman who offers to become his mentor in self-discovery, teaching him the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, if he is willing to focus wholly on that quest.

Books will be available for purchase and signing.

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