Summer Reading Club @ the Library!


The “Summer Reading Club” is coming to Armidale Public Junior Library on December 1st!

The theme for 2013 is INVESTIGATION.

Catching culprits, solving crimes, searching for clues, identifying suspects, rational thought and deductive reasoning, cliff hangers and unexpected twists are elements that make mystery, sleuth and detective and crime fiction so exciting.

Engage with classic and contemporary literature from this genre and explore common themes inherent in such stories; “Whodunits”, mystery, intrigue, puzzle, suspense, deduction and adventure.

Activities and free gifts encourage participants to collect data and develop their skills of observation, deduction, decoding, disguise and forming conclusions.

At the library when you register for free you will be able to:

  • ENGAGE with library collections
  • DISCOVER the principles of investigation and
  • ENJOY exploring and participating in activities that inspire kids to practice the art of investigation

Summer Reading Club Kits are now available and you can also be in the running for a free Ipod just by registering, as well as collecting fun activity kits and prizes.

Fill in a form at your local  library and get your free Summer Reading Investigation kit while they are still hot!