eMagazine Back Issues on our Zinio digital magazines collection

We are pleased to announce back issues of eMagazines are now available for our borrowers to download from our Zinio for Libraries site.

Our library collection page will contain all of the back issues of magazines currently offered in our collection, back to the beginning of our subscription period or when the title was added (if after this date).

This new development contains additional enhancements, which mean that our borrowers will now be able to:

  • Check out new and/or back list issues for magazines in your Zinio collection
  • View the magazine’s detail before completing checkout – issue date, a list of compatible devices (for example, if it is available on the iPhone Zinio app) publication country, language and genre

You won’t need to do anything to make the back issues available to you.  Log in credentials and processes remain the same, so you  will be able to enjoy these enhancements to the service with ease.

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