New digital service – Indieflix online movies


IndieFlix gives you thousands of streaming movies from film festivals and independent filmmakers.

All you need to watch is an Armidale Library card and a broadband Internet-connected device. No checkouts, returns, or waiting. Multiple users can watch the same film on different devices at the same time.

You can watch a film’s trailer, add a film to your queue for later viewing, view it immediately on a device. You can search for films by title or browse films by channel. You can limit films according to length, country of origin, festival, genre, or age range. These films are not rated  so viewer discretion is advised.

Set-up tips:

1. You will need to Create New Account on the RBDigital Gateway. If you have an account with Zinio, then you are already registered and you can use the same e-mail & password.

2. Click the Browse Films button to go to the IndieFlix page.

3. On the IndieFlix page, you need to create another login. Use the same email address that you did to register on the RBDigital Gateway.

4. Once you’re logged in to IndieFlix, you can search for films, or browse by genre, mood, length, and rating. Click on the movie to watch the trailer or full feature. You can also click on the + sign to add to your queue for later viewing.