Meet the Author – Robin de Crespigny



Where: The Library

When: Thursday, 25th of July

Time: 5:30pm


Acclaimed author Robin de Crespigny whose book The People Smuggler is the true story of Ali Al Jenabi, the ‘Oskar Schindler of Asia’, will be speaking at the library.

This remarkable and inspiring story follows the life of Ali Al Jenabi who after escaping Saddam Hussein’s Abu Ghraib prison fled to Kurdistan and then became part of the international refugee processing system. The People Smuggler recounts the experiences of this man through the shadowy world of fake passports, crowded camps and illegal border crossings, living in excruciating uncertainty. Through betrayal, triumph, misfortune – even romance and heartbreak – Ali is sustained by his fierce love of freedom and family, until pushed to the limits of his endurance he is forced to confront what he has become and face the consequences of the moral choices he has made.

The Weekend Australian calls this book ‘An epic story full of dramatic reversals and cinematic cliffhangers… Ali emerges as an unlikely but true-blue hero: resilient, loyal to his mates and protective of those weaker thanhimself, canny, resourceful, unafraid of sacrifice, a man of honour… Ironically, his
persecutors (including Australian authorities) are revealed as un-Australian… This is a story that had to be told.’