Tim Marshall – Author talk in the library

Tim Marshall will enlightening Armidale’s  garden enthusiasts with a talk on Monday 20 May at 5.00pm.

Tim Marshall is a pioneer of organic certification. He was a founder of the first Australian organic certifier (NASAA) and the first Standards & Certification Manager of the worldwide peak body of the organic industry (IFOAM).

Tim has visited more than 1200 certified properties in Australia, and more than 1500 in 25 other countries.

Tim has four solo books, they are:

Compost: The ultimate organic guide to recycling your garden, Bug: The ultimate gardeners guide to organic pest control, Weed: The ultimate gardeners guide to organic weed control, and The New Organic Gardener

He started Acres Australia: The Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, in 1988, and continues to write for that publication. He also writes for ABC Organic Gardener, ABC Gardening Australia, Bud Organic Magazine, and many others.

Tim is currently writing a book on dung beetles, with Dr Bernard Doube, and several e-books on organic gardening.

Peter Cundall says: ‘Tim Marshall has long been a legend in Australia as an outstanding communicator, writer and broadcaster, specialising in organic techniques’.