Book launch

Local author Val Sherwell will launch her memoir The Guinea Fowl Girl at the library.

When: Monday 12 November 2012 10.30am

Where: Armidale Dumaresq Council War Memorial Library, 122 Faulkner St.

Guest speaker Ian Johnstone will launch the book.

Val Sherwell’s memoir is set in the 1940s and 1950s, long before the independence of Zimbabwe from Britain, when it was still known as Rhodesia. The title derives from the formative years she spent at the Guinea Fowl School outside Gwelo (Gweru), in the Rhodesian bush.
Sherwell recalls her days at the Bulawayo convent as a boarder, and happier days at the Guinea Fowl School. She explores the disintegration of her family life, due to the excessive behaviour of her father (a magistrate and local governor), and how everything changed for her, her mother and younger brother.
The author tells her own story, what she experienced and remembers of her family and family history but Sherwell also records her observations of Rhodesian society, its cultural norms and everyday life, before everything about that time disappears forever.